• Self-Monitoring


  • Coping Strategies

    Coping Strategies

  • Secure Messaging

    Secure Messaging

  • Planning


  • Trigger Management

    Trigger Management

  • Keep on Track

    Keep on track

  • Relapse Prevention

    Plan and reflect

  • Collaboration


For healthcare providers
and care teams

Deliver connected, life-changing care while saving time
MoodLinks for Clinicians

Boost client access to and engagement in
evidence-based interventions in high risk moments.

View client progress and outcome data to
deliver personalized care.

Link with other members of the care team to
stay up-to-date and on the same page

Integrate cognitive behavioral therapy and
dialectical behavior therapy approaches

MoodLinks for Clinicians
Mood Links

For clients

MoodLinks allows you to navigate your unique path to managing your mood, share progress with others, and receive support.

Never be alone. Connect with your care team for in-app support

Receive daily inspiration and rewards that delight

Build enjoyable activities into your days and plan ahead for triggering events

Access over 100 strategies for managing anxiety, depression and stress